Sunday, November 16, 2008

Six months ago!

The power is out at my house right now because I plugged my Presto Heat Dish into an outlet that is on the same breaker as another outlet that James has loaded with gadgets up in his room. So here I am thumbing this out on my phone, under a blanket in a dark cold house, wondering if my power will come back on and what part I might play in it. Before the power went out I was biking home from Brendan's, listening to Taylor Swift on my headphones and thinking about the book I started reading yesterday called "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle." So far it is a good book and I'm glad i started reading it. In fact, the book is resting on my chest right now, covering it like a bra. Last night Brendan and I were talking about psychopaths and, supposing their existence to be the result of shoddy genetics, we decided that there might also be an equally small population born with too much empathy--like Ghandi or Jesus or me...Psych!