Thursday, June 04, 2009

I guess you could say I'm learning what to do with myself, step by step, ounce by ounce, afternoon by afternoon; I'm getting myself globally positioned. These days, my attention span doesn't allow me any sort of immersion, so I wander around a lot. Into the kitchen I go, opening cupboards and shuffling slippered feet like a patient old man hot on the daily routine. I end up against the bathroom sink, face to face with myself in the mirror. Boy oh boy have you changed DC. Off I go though, into the room and down on the bed--sinking!--my legs hang like wilted antennae. I'm reminded of the day before--yesterday?--when I flopped the same; when I walked from the bathroom and fell into my very own groove, my theme song on repeat. I wonder about my life for a few seconds and then the thought burns too close and I shake it out.

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